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Learn the triggers of your addiction.

Reconnect with society.

We treat addiction to opioid drugs and medications.

Many patients test drug free in 6 – 8 weeks.

The cost of clinic visits is covered by OHIP with your health card.

ODB, ODSP, Ontario Works, Trillium, and private insurance are accepted.

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Transfer to ACT

No waiting list. No fees to join. Scroll down to find the nearest clinic to obtain additional information.

New Locations

ACT Brantford
193 Colborne Street
Brantford, Ontario N3T 2G8
Tel: 519-720-0228
Fax: 519-757-0229

Hours & Info
ACT Guelph
84 Carden Street
Guelph, Ontario N1H 3A3
Tel: 519-837-0228
Fax: 519-837-6853

Hours & Info
ACT Kingston – Princess
3079 Princess Street
Kingston, Ontario K7P 0K6
Tel: 613-766-0798
Fax: 613-766-6588

Hours & Info

Locations In Hamilton

ACT Hamilton – John
247 John Street South
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2C9
Tel: 905-526-0228
Fax: N/A

Hours & Info
ACT Hamilton – 664 Barton
664 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8L 3A4
Tel: 289-799-2135
Fax: 289-667-0022

Hours & Info

Original Clinic Locations

ACT Kingston – Downtown
652 Princess Street
Kingston, Ontario K7L 1E5
Tel: 613-544-0228
Fax: N/A

Hours & Info
ACT Peterborough
226 Charlotte Street
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2T8
Tel: 705-740-0228
Fax: 705-740-0223

Hours & Info
ACT Scarborough
4113A Lawrence Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario M1E 2S2
Tel: 647-931-7316
Fax: 416-281-7777

Hours & Info
ACT Toronto
1288 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4J 1M6
Tel: 416-462-0228
Fax: 416-461-7690

Hours & Info

Telemedicine. Many locations. We’ve got you covered.

Convenience is important. ACT has many locations to serve you. Telemedicine increases doctor availability throughout the week.


Are you already in a program, but need or want to transfer? Call the closest ACT location and make an appointment. Bring your health card. Bring your ID and contact information. Tell the staff that you would like to “transfer to ACT” and fill out the paperwork including a consent form to transfer your medical records from your current clinic.

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If you are interested, call the closest ACT location and make an appointment. Bring your health card. Bring your ID and contact information. When you arrive tell the staff that you would like to “start treatment” and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

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Opioid Substitution Therapy is when a qualified physician prescribes an opioid medication that counters the withdrawal symptoms and acts as a substitute for the opioids you were already taking. Find out how it works and the benefits.

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There is more than one medication that can be used for opioid substitution therapy. It is important to get the one that is right for you. Find out some of the key differences.

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Have you wanted to reduce your dose and eventually get off drugs for good? Tapering is a gradual reduction in the amount of medication you are taking. Get closer to your goal of staying off drugs for good.

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Many people have gotten off drugs before. Sometimes even sweated it out “cold turkey” but can’t seem to stay off drugs permanently. It has been shown that CBT increases the chances of getting off drugs and staying off drugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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